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3 Tips on Hiring Movers

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Whether it’s your first time moving or you’re a veteran at changing addresses, moving can be a stressful affair. Don’t let your moving company add to it. To achieve peace of mind and have your belongings packed, moved, and delivered safely, you need to do your research.

Finding the right moving company requires more than just glancing at the estimated price. You need to know the company’s reputation, whether they are insured, and if they are reliable and capable of handling your move.
That’s why we’ve put together these three helpful tips about hiring movers. Follow them carefully and we guarantee you’ll find yourself in good hands.

How to Hire Movers the Right Way

Before you start googling and looking for movers, make sure you do some prep work. First, identify the type of move you will be doing. There are different types of moving services available to accommodate your needs, such as:

  • Residential Moving Services
  • Commercial Moving Services
  • International Moving Services
  • Auto Transport Services
  • Local and Long Distance Moving Services

Next, you’ll want to find a few companies capable of providing the type of moving service you need. Make sure that you research several, as you’ll likely have to cross some off the list.

Validate that the companies you are considering are licensed and insured, then see what past customers have to say about them.

Testimonials will reveal the general trend of their service quality, as well as how they handle any bad reviews. If the company is unresponsive to complaints, be wary! While you shouldn’t expect something going wrong, you want to make sure whoever you hire is willing to take care of you if something happens.

Once you have a list of 3 companies or more that provide the services you need and have been validated for good service, you can call for quotes and make your decision.

What Not to Do When Hiring a Moving Company

Make sure you avoid these common moving mistakes:

  • Don’t get a quote from a moving company without a home visit to evaluate the scope of the job
  • Don’t just go with the lowest price. Instead, hire the most capable mover in your budget
  • Don’t forget to ask about any possible additional fees
  • Don’t let the company evade answering questions about insurance, fees, or expectations

This will help you weed out bad services and ensure a more accurate quote.

Always Implement Proper Moving Etiquette

Proper moving etiquette is important. It can save you money, avoid mistakes, and ensure a better moving experience for everyone.
Moving etiquette includes:

  • Finish packing before the moving company arrives
  • Carry any prescriptions, precious items, or valuables with you
  • Label your boxes by room and whether they are fragile or heavy
  • Empty all drawers and storage spaces before moving furniture
  • Always remain present when your movers are at your home
  • Never obstruct your movers when they are working
  • Tip your movers for a job done well

Hire the Right Moving Service Today

Now you have some tips on hiring movers. Let us help you with your first quote. Parks Moving offers some of the highest quality moving services in Pennsylvania. Whether you’re looking to relocate down the street or “across the pond,” we’ll help you get there safe and sound.


  1. Carl Green

    I loved how you mentioned that you should look for movers in the area that are licensed and insured. My wife and I are wanting to look for a new area to live in and we were wondering how we could find reliable movers to hire. I’ll be sure to tell her that we should look for movers in the area that are licensed and insured.

  2. packers near me Vancouver

    The advantages of hiring a professional moving company may outweigh the do-it-yourself approach. It is also less stressful and poses a lesser health hazard. So put your reservations aside, and hire professionals for the job.

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