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5 Moving Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

The average person moves around 11 times during the course of their life.
That’s 11 times struggling to get the couch around that corner, 11 times buying your friends pizza, or 11 times accidentally destroying your wine glasses.

Instead of struggling, try out a few moving hacks to make things easier.
Here are five tips to try.

1. Junk Your Junk Drawer

The best way to start off in your new home is with a clean slate and an empty junk drawer. Rather than transfer all of the odds and ends from one house to another, take a quick look at the contents of your drawer. Pull out and save significant items. Reorganize only the things that you need and discard the rest.

Your junk drawer isn’t supposed to be a permanent home for anything. You might even consider rethinking a junk drawer and replacing it with a junk jar.

That way you can see what’s in there and you’ll know what you can afford to throw out. Also, when it’s time to pack, simply place it in a box.

2. Make A Moving Supply Caddy

Keep your moving supplies handy in a portable supply caddy. Use a small box, a shower caddy, little toolbox or small storage bin to house your tape, scissors, labels, and markers.

This caddy is an effective way to keep all of your packing supply items together in one spot. It will save you time and help you stay organized.

3. Use Towels and Blankets To Help Pack

In addition to the packing materials you purchase, be resourceful and use some items that you will be moving anyway.

Use your own towels, blankets, oven mitts, and other soft items to wrap up things and protect them in their boxes. Even use stuffed animals to provide protection.

Using your own resources to pack and pad your boxes might save you a little money and is environmentally friendly as well.

4. Pack the Non-Essentials First

Start packing your non-essential items first. Things like holiday decorations, books, DVD, and collectible items generally aren’t used as often and can be packed away as they won’t be missed for the few weeks that they are in boxes.

Offseason clothing, games, and infrequently used kitchen items may also be packed away early on as they probably won’t be needed until after the move.

5. Take Photos of Electronics

Before disconnecting your electronic devices such as your TV and components, take photos on your phone of the set-up, so that you will have a record of how the cables are connected. This picture is particularly helpful if there are multiple, various cords attached to the equipment.
Keep the cords together. Roll them up and place them in a clear Ziploc bag. Be sure to label the container so that you can quickly identify which cables go with which electronics.

Your reference photo will save you time and frustration when you arrive at your new home, and you begin to re-connect everything.

Moving Hacks Will Save Time And Money

These helpful moving hacks will save you time and headaches in the long run.

For more help, let us assist you with your move. Contact us today.

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