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5 Tips for Preparing for a Move

Are you preparing for a move? If so, then you’ll want to try the tips and tricks to make the process easier.

People move over 11 times throughout life. You’d think we’d have become masters of packing and planning, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes stress sets in and disrupts the moving process leaving people disorganized and frustrated.

What can you do to stay organized and on track with less stress? Read on and find out.

Preparing for a Move: 5 Things to Make Moving Easier

Getting ready to move is an overwhelming process with so many tasks to check off your list.

Here’s how to assure everything goes smoothly and to keep your stress levels at a minimum.

1. Get to Know the Destination

Online home and apartment listings share a good amount of local data. But, these listings don’t share everything. Consider a trip to the area to familiarize yourself with the location and get the inside scoop by mingling with the locals.
Look for:

  • Traffic patterns and walkability
  • Home prices and the local economy
  • Proximity to schools and activities
  • Crime rates and police presence
  • Restaurants and fun hot-spots

Knowing more about your new neighborhood and area reduces overthinking and stress, giving you peace of mind. Learning more about where you are moving is sure to increase your excitement about your new hometown.

2. Create a Schedule and Budget

Give yourself plenty of lead-up time before moving day to limit stress. And, to make sure everything is in order, so you’re not doubling back.

The moving schedule should include:

  • Purging and reducing clutter
  • A timeline of each area in your current home you’ll pack
  • If/when movers arrive and transit
  • Scheduled hookups for things like utilities and cable

Likewise, create a budget including:

  • Estimates of moving services
  • A ‘buffer’ for unexpected purchases
  • Transportation (e.g., gas, rentals, meals)
  • Packing/storage expenses and fees
  • Legal fees and home sale expenses

Inquire about moving estimates to get a better idea about this main budget item.

3. Pack Smart

The four best tips for DIY packing are:

  • Declutter and sell or give away anything you can do without
  • Use heavy-duty boxes with handles
  • Organize boxes by zones and rooms
  • Label every box on all sides

4. Do a Proper “Send Off”

Long distance moving usually means not seeing friends and family for a long time. Make sure you allow the adequate time to say goodbye.
Do a proper “send off”:

  • Have a big BBQ or house party inviting all your friends
  • Spend time with family talking life and goals
  • Meet with neighbors and enjoy their company

This also applies if you have children. Give them plenty of time to say their goodbyes, and spend time visiting their favorite spots before the move.

5. Set Aside the Essentials

Make a moving essentials box to cut the stress when on the road.
An essentials box should include:

  • Snacks and drinks
  • Medications
  • Contacts
  • Personal electronics with chargers
  • Cash and funds
  • Legal documents
  • Toiletries

This box keeps your vital items readily available and provides some creature comforts when you’re in unfamiliar territory.

The Biggest Tip of All

Moving services eliminates a good portion of all stress when preparing for a move. The packing and logistics are one less thing you’ll need to do.

Need the extra muscle power to make the move easier? Give us a call!

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