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6 Things your household movers will appreciate

You’re hiring professional movers to help with your move. Good movers will be able to handle just about any situation. But, the more they can focus on the job of moving furniture and boxes, the faster they can get you moved. To help your movers do the best job they can, here are six things you can do.

Before your move date

Plan your move well in advance

Talking with movers as far in advance of your move as possible will help things go smoothly. The logistics of planning a move involve getting the right move team, truck, and equipment. The further in advance movers can schedule these resources the easier the job of planning your move will be. Starting off on the right foot is always best.

Arrange for space on the street or dock

Whether you are moving from a house or an apartment, the moving truck needs space. Some municipalities may require permits for large trucks to stay on the street for extended periods. Be sure you follow the local regulations. Most moving companies that service a town will be aware of these requirements, but it is also good to check for yourself.

Read your move agreement carefully

Since people don’t move often, they are not familiar with the Moving Contract, sometimes referred to as Bill of Lading or Freight Bill. While you should read the entire contract carefully, some things to pay close attention to are: Proposal type. Is it Binding or “Not-to-Exceed”? The services and items must be clearly detailed. What is the Carrier’s Liability coverage and the provisions for extending that liability? Finally, the actual move detail: Origination, Destination, Dates.

Label things clearly

If you are packing your own boxes, be sure to label everything clearly. The labels should indicate where in the new home the boxes should go. You should also tag furniture for the destination in the new house. By taking the time to label things clearly, your movers will not need to ask as many questions, and the move will go more smoothly.

Also be sure to label the things you will move by yourself, and indicate that movers should not take it.

On Move Day

Be available

There will be questions. Even with the best labeling and mover plans, things will pop up that need your input. Some questions may be as simple as where to put an item, but others may affect the contract and price of your move. To help avoid issues, be available for questions, preferably on site.

Limit distractions

When in your home, the movers have a specific task of loading your belongings onto the truck. You can make their time more efficient by limiting distractions. From clutter and pets to children, be sure the movers have clear paths. Clear paths make for more efficient and safer moving.
Moving your belongs from your old to your new home is a lot of work. Professional movers have the experience and techniques to make this work easier and faster. But, you can help them do an even better job with these six simple things.

We welcome any questions you may have before or during your move. Please give us a call or request information from our forms.

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