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7 Pro Tips for Packing Up Before a Move

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You bought a new place! Congratulations!

Are you ready for your move? And how do you possibly begin packing up all of your belongings?

Moving is exciting and shouldn’t be overshadowed by worries like packing.
Packing up can be an art, and you want to make sure you are prepared to make it go as smoothly as possible.

Take the stress out of moving by following these seven pro tips for packing up.

Create A To-Do List

Moving requires a lot more work than just packing up, so create a list to help keep you on track.

Some things to consider adding to your to-do list timeline are:

  • Changing addresses
  • Calling companies to shut off the water, gas, electric, cable or internet
  • Take photos of your electronics plugins for easier reassembly
  • Rooms that need to be cleaned or fixed

Investigate Moving Companies

A moving company is a great asset when you’re moving.

Do some research on the top moving companies in your area. Be sure to hire them a month ahead of time to help you stay on top of everything else.
On moving day, assign one person to work with the movers to delegate which boxes go where.

When you’re researching a moving company, ask questions such as:

  • What are their rates
  • What kind of services/moving packages do they offer
  • Do they have a protection plan
  • Is there a storage facility in case you need extra storage while you get settled
  • What’s expected from their movers

Donate/Sell Stuff

Designate a box or a bag for giving away and one to sell. If you haven’t worn or used it in six months to a year, it’s time to give it away or sell it. Use the extra money towards your move, or to save for updating your place.

Moving Supplies Checklist

Create a moving supplies checklist. It should include items like:

  • a variety of different sized, sturdy boxes
  • packing peanuts
  • packing paper
  • bubble wrap
  • labels
  • permanent markers for labels
  • packing tape

Reach out to friends and family and ask if they can donate these to you. Take advantage of laundry baskets, bins and other bags you may have around the house, by filling them with miscellaneous items.

Pack Decorative Things First

Decorative items like art, wall hangings, statues, and other display items don’t serve much purpose in your home other than enhancing your space. If they are not essential to your everyday function in your home, then, pack them up first. Packing little by little this way takes a huge chunk of stress out of the process.


Label boxes, especially if you’ll need essential items right away like personal items, clothes, and other essentials. When you arrive at your new location, having each box categorized and labeled helps you and your moving company know their proper placement.

Check Out Your Local Neighborhood

Packing up isn’t the only element of moving. Get acquainted with your new local neighborhood. Plan routes to grocery stores, coffee shops, hospitals, parks, your child’s school, and other areas you may frequent. Knowing these routes ahead of time can save you traveling headaches later.

Are You Packing Up For Moving?

Moving doesn’t have to be the chore it’s made out to be.

With a top-notch moving company, some planning ahead, and creative thinking, packing up can be less stressful.

Use these six pro tips to formulate your moving and packing plan.
Contact us to learn more about making your move as easy as possible.

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