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Get to Know Your New Neighbors After a Move

Moving to a new area or town where you don’t know anyone can be a fantastic adventure, but it can also be intimidating. You may feel isolated that it’s just you and your family.

In days gone by, everyone seemed to know their neighbors. With block parties and dinner parties hosted by neighbors getting to know those around you was a given.

Today, one-third of Americans have not interacted with their neighbors. We don’t take the opportunity to go next door to get acquainted with neighbors.
When we do interact with and get to know those around us, it leads to a more pleasant life-experience.

Here are some suggestions on getting to know your neighbors, and make the most out of your new home.

Take a Walk

Explore your new neighborhood by taking a walk. While taking in the scenery of your new surroundings, you’re likely to run into a few of your new neighbors.

A pleasant walk will not only provide you with some great physical exercise, but it might also help improve your mental health as you meet and get to know your neighbors.

A weekend walk is a great time to greet your neighbors casually. Generally, people are around on the weekend when most people are off work and children are home from school.

Choose the Right Time

It’s challenging to have a conversation when you are in a rush. Be respectful by selecting the right time to strike up a conversation – when your neighbors aren’t busy.

As mentioned, weekends are an ideal time. People tend to be more relaxed and willing to engage in friendly small talk. When you see your neighbors out working in their yard or walking their dog, then introduce yourself and have a conversation.

Deliver a Handwritten Note

If you consider yourself more of an introvert and find it a challenge to approach new people, try dropping off a handwritten note to your new neighbors.

A handwritten note is a personalized and unique way to say “hello” and introduce yourself. Include information about where you moved from and general details about the family like how many children you have and if you have dogs, etc.

This gives the neighbors an opportunity to reach back out to you. You’ve extended the initial communication, and hopefully, they will return that with a follow note or perhaps even in person.

Host a Housewarming

A barbeque or simple party is a wonderful icebreaker when you move to a new home. It is also the perfect way to meet multiple neighbors at the same time.

This is an opportunity to relax with drinks and great food and meet some new people. It can even be a casual gathering—if you serve beverages and snacks, the chances are they will come!

Get Involved in the Local Community

A terrific way to meet people in your new neighborhood is to find local activities. Online social networks like Nextdoor or a community Facebook page are ways to check out events and activities in your local communities and neighborhood.

Getting involved is an ideal way to immerse yourself in your new environment. It will help you connect with others interested in achieving similar goals.

Final Thoughts

Meeting new people, especially your new neighbors might seem scary at first. Use these tips, and you’ll find it’s easier to get acquainted with your new neighbors than you thought!

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