Moving Storage

Moving Storage

moving storage

Temporary or Permanent Storage Options

Parks Corrigan offers storage solutions at all of our locations. Whether you’ll be storing your household goods for a short period of time while your new home is being constructed, or you just have excess goods and need a safe secure location to store them, we have you covered. Parks uses durable vault storage to ensure that your items are properly handled and stored in the most efficient way possible. Our vaults are constructed with high quality, treated material that ensure your items stay safely tucked away with minimal handling.

How do you get your items to storage?

You are more than welcome to load your belongings up and deliver them to our warehouses where we’ll take care of putting your goods in the vaults and tucking them in for the period of time you need your items stored. Or, as a full-service provider, we can come out and pick the items up for you. In many cases, we’ll load your goods directly into the storage vaults at your location so they are only handled that one time. This will save you time, money and energy getting your goods into temporary or permanent storage.

Access to your Stored Items

Parks Corrigan warehouse storage vaults are designed to be durable to withstand frequent use and handling, therefore, you can call us at any time to have your items pulled from their stored location so you can open your vaults to retrieve whatever you need. All items we store are identified through an inventory process before they go into their vaults. This ensures we can locate the items you’d be looking for quickly and efficiently. 

Call to get set up!

Our friendly staff can help you get your custom storage vault reserved with options you may need with a simple phone call. Whatever your storage vault needs are, Parks Corrigan has you covered. Call us today to receive more information or to speak to one of our qualified relocation consultants.

Moving and Storage for Residential Moves

If you’re planning a move but your new residence isn’t quite ready, or you need some additional storage space while you sell your previous home, Parks Corrigan can help. Our specialized storage services provide an easy-to-use, flexible solution when you’re faced with moving schedule challenges.

We’ll store your belongings at our secure, convenient storage facilities as part of the moving process, hold them on site until your new home is ready, then move them into your new space when you are ready

For more information about moving storage, please contact us to talk to one of our qualified relocation consultants.

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