Local Moving

Local Moving

local moving

Whether you’re moving an apartment, a house or even a self-storage unit, our team of trained movers and packers will dazzle you with how efficiently we handle your local move.

Parks Corrigan has been operating a locally established office in Pittsburgh, PA for over 100 years. We are very familiar with the surrounding towns and cities and have performed thousands of moves for our local customer base in Pennsylvania.

How are local moves priced?

All Local moves are based on an hourly rate and the amount of time it takes to perform the move. All of the estimates are non-binding and based on the moving consultant’s estimate. The final cost will be based on the actual move time.

Our moving consultants will explain things further when they meet with you for your free-in home local moving estimate.

Move within Pennsylvania

It may seem like a local move because you’re not leaving the state but moving your home more than 40 miles away is considered more than just a local move. In Pennsylvania, moves over 40 miles are considered “Intrastate” relocation’s which change the pricing structure. Intrastate moves are based on weight and mileage.

Intrastate moves are priced using published Tariffs that the Public Utility Commission have approved. This ensures that every customer is given the opportunity to choose their mover based off reputation rather than price. Parks Corrigan Moving is the largest household goods mover in the state of Pennsylvania

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